Brickwork or walls made of bricks for buildings, new house extensions

Beside some rare occurrence of Efflorescence in newly built brick walls, brickwork doesn’t generally require attention beyond dusting down with a brush. If it has been splashed or looks dingy it can be cleaned with a weak solution of spirits of salt or you can buy a brick cleaner from a DIY shop or builder’s merchants. Brush it on, rise and brush down with a wire brush.
brick wall house extension
Take care; though the acid is weak, it can still burn, so wear goggles and rubber gloves.Brickwork can be painted or rendered if necessary, but London Builders Robuild would rather advise to keep the brickwork, nice and clean. Pointing and re-pointing the brick walls can be redone when needed, and your brick wall looks like a traditional London building.
brick walls side house extension

Rendering and painting a brick wall is sometimes done to cover cracks in the structure of the house.

glass brick in brick wall

Most architects in London and bricklayers will recommend brick walls rather than block walls. Even though blockwork is cheaper than brickwork, having brick walls for your house extension or new build buildings, keeps and preserve the character of London, this is the reason why even Planning Permissions are sometimes subject to matching existing brickwork walls on your street or existing property.

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