Building a Conservatory

When building a Conservatory you have two choices : Plastic or Wood. Both can have double glazing but not the same presence. Cheap conservatories are built using plastic frames, reinforced double glazing. A good trick is to use PVCu frames that looks like timber. You get a visual effect that might just be what you want.

timber conservatory london

Unscrupulous Cowboys Builders

Police appeal as bogus builders scam £4,600 from elderly Muswell Hill, London, victim.

An elderly woman who was duped into handing over £4,600 in cash to two bogus builders has spoken out in a bid to help police track them down.

cowboys builder

The 84-year-old, from the Fortis Green area of Muswell Hill, was taken in by the men who claimed they were builders working nearby who needed access to her home to tackle a water leak in her roof.

Police believe the conmen lifted some tiles and poured water through the hole and down an internal wall to make the woman believe the work was urgent.

They demanded cash to fix the problem, refusing to accept a cheque for the four-figure deposit offered by the woman to pay for drying equipment.

Believing the situation was an emergency, the woman went straight out to get the cash, only later discovering that she had been duped.

She said: “The older man was very plausible. I know I should have been suspicious, but he gave me several reasons to believe his story. He kept promising that the deposit would be returned on completion of the work and making appointments to return it, until I found out the truth.”

The bogus builders had knocked on her door at 12.30pm on July 18. Just an hour earlier the same pair are believed to have tried to dupe a 90-year-old man a couple of miles away in Barnet.

Despite telling him urgent work was needed on his roof, the man challenged them and checked with a neighbour to find that no work was being done next door. The men left without taking any money.

Officers are linking the two incidents and appealing for anyone else who may have been approached by the men to contact them. The suspects are both described as white men, one aged in his 50s,the other in his 30s. It is believed they drive a small white box panel van with a ladder on the roof.

Det Con Jo Ravenhill of Haringey CID said: “I am determined to do all I can to catch these unscrupulous offenders who are targeting vulnerable residents in our community.

“If you need work doing, go on recommendation, seek quotes, pay by traceable means, such as cheque or bank transfer. Don’t let anyone intimidate you into taking them on for work at the door there and then, you just don’t know who you’re letting into your home.

“Don’t answer the door to anyone without an appointment and if you are concerned about the person at your door, call police on 999.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Det Con Ravenhill of Haringey CID on 020 8345 0838, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Looking for a builder in London ?

The business card of a Builder and Decorator based in North London, Holloway Road.

business card builder London

On the business card of the Building Company established in 1840, reads:

New Work, Alterations & Repairs


The Phone Number is: NORTH 3769

Building an ensuite bathroom

The cost of building an ensuite bathroom can vary. In London, the minimum cost for creating a decent en suite bathroom is around 10k, depending on where the ensuite bathroom is located, size, plumbing and waste location, type of shower, electrics, tiling, windows, ventilation and quality. Contact us to request a free quote.
All new building works must comply with the Building Regulations. New wiring is often required, together with a fuse protected by RCD device. Electrical ventilation in bathrooms is also required. The cost of adding an ensuite can be determined by the type of property also.

Location of the new ensuite bathroom

The minimum space required for a bathroom is around 1.8 meters by 90 cm. Shower cubical, wash basin, WC, toilet.

location ensuite bathroom
Marking the location of the new ensuite bathroom, using masking tape of the floor.

The location of the new ensuite bathroom is normally in a corner of the room, using two existing walls, but it can also be affected by the location of the drains and waste plumbing. By using a macerator, an electrically powered macerator fitted with a pump – can send the waste down a flexible pipe to a sewage outlet, giving more freedom when choosing the location of the bathroom, by ignoring the layout of the joist works. However, our bathroom builders will always try to use a conventional and traditional waste and drains system, as marcerators and pumps, can often break down , depending on how often is used. We normally use marcerators made by Saniflo.

removing cupboard space new bathroom
Removing an old cupboard to make space for the new ensuite bathroom

Waste, soil pipes and drains

Traditional soil pipes and drains, always works best, however, sometimes the floor joist works, can be a problem and compromising is the only solution in order to avoid expensive and extensive building works.

new walls , floor joists, ensuite bathroom
Building new walls. Existing joist work running in the opposite direction of the waste/sewage outlet.

In some cases, the soil pipes can be run under the floor joist works.

soil pipe ensuite bathroom waste
The soil/waste pipe underneath the new ensuite bathroom.

soil waste pipes from bathroom
The new soil/waste pipe connected to the main soil pipe

It is very important that the soil pipes are boxed in, not only for aesthetics, but also to avoid hearing the water and waste travelling through the soil pipe. Insulation, plasterboard and plastering normally will suffice. Lights can be used inside the boxed pipe to use the box as a feature in the room below.

pipe boxed in plasterboard
The soil pipe boxed in, using plasterboard. New lights as a feature are installed.

boxed in soil pipe after plastering painting
The box after plastering and painting/decorating

Walls and doors

The walls can be built using timber, as small as 47mm by 47mm, in order to use the minimum of space.The frame is then drylined with plasterboard,the cavity filled with acoustic insulation for sound proofing.Interior of the walls can be dry lined using water proof plasterboard, plywood or similar materials, where the tiling can be applied directly and no plastering/skimming is required.

ensuite bathroom walls
The ensuite bathroom walls

Constructing the studwork for the ensuite bathroom is normally done to complement the bedroom or room, matching the walls, skirting boards, coving, doors and other features.

new ensuite bathroom
The ensuite bathroom walls and door, after plastering, painting & decorating

The ensuite bathroom doors can be bi-folding doors, as they take less space and when are fully open.

bi-fold bathroom door
Bi-folding ensuite bathroom door

installing bathroom door lock
Installing bathroom door lock

Showers, wash basins and WC/toilets

The minimum recommended showers tray size is 700mm by 700mm. The hot water can be provided by an electric shower or connected directly to the main boiler (recommended). However, if the water pressure is not high enough, a water pump might be needed. An electric shower must have its own fuse and electric cable.

ensuite bathroom shower tray and  shower door
Ensuite bathroom shower tray and bifolding shower door

The wash basin should be a small size, due to the lack of space.A standard WC/toilet can be used.

wash basin and WC/toilet in ensuite bathroom
Wash basin and WC/toilet in ensuite bathroom

ensuite bathroom washbasin
Ensuite bathroom

Ventilation for ensuite bathrooms

Ventilation is required by the Building Regulation.An extractor fan can be installed either inside the walls, or through the ceiling.
ventilation ensuite bathroom
Ventilation ensuite bathroom

If space is not a problem, bigger and better designed ensuite bathrooms can be built. You can read more about adding a second or ensuite bathrooms.

designer ensuite bathroom
Designer ensuite bathroom

ensuite bathroom loft conversion
Ensuite bathroom in a loft conversion

ensuite bathroom bedroom
Ensuite bathroom with wetfloor, underfloor heating, in a new built house extension

Picture gallery of ensuite bathrooms

Building The Shard, London

The Architect for the building, called The Shard – is Renzo Piano, an Italian architect who did not want to be a builder like his father. Offices, restaurants and residential flats are designed to a high quality in a prime location in Central London.
the shard building, london
The tallest building in Europe, and is also the second-tallest free-standing structure in the United Kingdom, after the 330-metre (1,083 ft) concrete tower at the Emley Moor transmitting station.

The name Shard means Shard of Glass, because it reassembles a broken piece of glass.

You can watch how The Shard was built here :