Making a new window door opening

Creating or making a new window or door opening

In most cases, Building Regulation Approval is required to insert or make a new opening for a window or door. This is because making a new opening will affect the structural integrity of the building, flat, house. A structural engineer is the best person to advise you.
new opening brickwall
Very rarely, Planning permission, will be required to make a new window opening or door opening.If you live in Conservation Area or the building is a listed building, most certainly will require Planning permission. However, its best to check with your Local Council Building Department, if your new window opening or door opening invades the privacy of your neighbours, frosted glass or obscured glass must be used and the window or door must not be used or to be open.
round window opening
A lintel or beam is normally used to bridge the new opening. If the external wall is a brick wall, then a cavity or box lintels should be used.In theory, you are not supposed to see the lintel itself.
box metal lintel
Concrete lintels should be used only when the walls will be rendered or plastered.
patio door opening
The builders or building company must be very experienced, the structural integrity of the property can be disrupted by and modification of the fabric of the house or flat.

Example of a kitchen opening for a window, stage One, the lintel is in place and breaking through the wall can begin:
kitchen new window opening

New window is installed, plastering and rendering

windows opening kitchen

Kitchen installation and fitting after the window opening is finished
kitchen installation