Modern light bulbs and Lights

Modern light bulbs and Lights
lights bulbs

The room above demonstrates how different types of bulb are suited to different purposes. The table lamp on the right is fitted with an Osram Classic A Energy Saving bulb, for warmth and atmosphere. The central spot and strip lighting in the shelves are energy efficient LEDs, as is the uplighter against the garden wall (which uses only 1 watt of power). An old fashioned incandescent spot is used for the artwork, where colour rendition is paramount.

Energy Saving, Energy Efficient, Warm White, White or LED lights ?

Current building regulations state that 25 per cent of your home lighting can still be energy inefficient. LED lights are very efficient, with a single watt of power producing a very bright light and it comes in different colours.

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Robuild London Electricians, will always recommend LED lights, low voltage, for lighting.

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For Flats Rewiring or House Rewiring, the electricians can calculate and design the energy consumed by lighting fixtures.

Building a Private Cinema Room

Building a private cinema, Building a home cinema

In London, space can be a problem, you need a dedicated room big enough to accommodate the furniture and cinema equipment. A compromise can be reached by part time using a room as a In Home Cinema room.
cinema room

Another option is to build an outdoor building/room, if you have space in the garden. Or the garage can be converted. Contact Robuild London Builders for a Quote.
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For the entertainment-electronics, a large flat screen TV can be used, or a projector, with amplifiers and a climate control system. The installation of your new plasma screen,TV Projector,Speakers, home cinema system, high-quality Hi-Fi system, plays an important part in building a Home Cinema room.

TV Projector


Most projectors are capable of taking inputs from both a PC and video sources, such as a Games Console, DVD player or Set top box. However, most are also optimised either for PC use or for home cinema.

tv projector screen

Home Theater Decor and Home Theater Seating

Soundproofing the walls and ceilings, can be done using acoustic sound insulation. The furniture ( cinema seats ) is normally bought ready made. To achive a Cinema seating feel, a platform can be built for the second row of seating.

cinema seats

cinema seats

The wiring for the Projector Screen and TV projector is normally done inside the ceiling. The speakers can be installed in the floor, ceiling, walls, or free standing. The electrician will advise you about the best way to achieve a perfect sound.

Mill Hill Electricians in Mill Hill Broadway

Electricians in Mill Hill


Robuild London Electricians are accredited NICEIC Approved electricians. Our Electrical Services includes domestic and commercial dwellings, and we cover North West London, Mill Hill area.

Partial or full rewires, Lighting, Fault finding, Cookers, Electric Showers, Consumer unit, fuse board installations, Outdoor electrics, Portable appliance testing (PAT), Consumer unit,fuse board upgrades, Smoke Alarms,Inspection certificates.

Electric fireplace installers in London

Electrical fireplace installers in London

An open fire in a attractive fireplace will make a room feel special, but if you don’t want to have Gas Fireplace , an Electric Modern Fireplace can be the answer and safer than Gas fires. A compromise between traditional fires and convenience. Our Electricians are NICEIC Registered electricians. Fireplaces make an attractive feature in the room where they are installed.

Most fireplaces consist of a surround, a fireback and grate, and a front hearth. The surround serves a purely decorative function while the fireback, grate and hearth ensure that the fire burns efficiently without risk of an accident. Because all of these features vary so much in their construction, it is important to understand how they are built before attempting to demolish, remove them and install new ones.

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Tiled surround: A number of fireplaces, particularly UK ones built in the 1940s and 1950s, consist of a concrete surround and hearth which is then covered in decorative tiles. The surround is held in place by two metal plugs, bonded to the concrete backing and screwed firmly into the chimney breast or wall behind the fire.

Timber surround: Many fires have a wooden surround, usually with a stone or concrete front hearth protruding beneath the fire opening. The surround is screwed in position on top of a framework of wooden battens fixed to the chimney breast or wall.

Stone or brick surround: This type consists of a number of stone or brickwork courses built up from the hearth against the wall or chimney breast. The gap above the fire is often bridged by a ‘soldier’ arch of bricks placed on end, held up by a steel support underneath. Although stone or brickwork surrounds are usually built without being tied into the wall behind, occasionally steel wall ties—similar to those used in cavity wall construction—are inserted between courses to help strengthen the structure.

Cast-iron surround: These are held in place in a similar fashion to tiled surrounds: plugs bonded to the back of the cast-iron frame are held tight against the wall with screws. Most cast-iron surrounds also have an inner cast-iron grate frame fitted around the sides and top of the fireplace and held in position either with nuts and bolts or countersunk screws.
cast iron gas fireplace

Front hearth: Some fires have a front hearth which protrudes into the room below the fireplace opening and is made of the same material as the surround. This is intended to reduce the risk of hot coals or sparks falling from the grate and accidentally damaging floorings.

Fireback: This is a shell-shaped backing made of fireclay which surrounds the grate and prevents the damage to the brickwork.