Historical Electrical devices with a generation twist

This is one of my favourite photos I have ever taken in 2013 – London.

old electrics London
The beauty of the past

The property is located in Central London and the house owner decided to sell the house. The original electrical wiring was done around 1951 or just about after the end of the second world war 2. I think I have spotted some of the first factory made electrical wiring under the floorboards.I mean the original metal shield cables.

If you collect old electrical stuff like I do, I am sorry. An electrician will throw everything into a skip. But I am the proud owner of the first generation thermostat and a pay by coins – for electricity – machine.

Doorbell with camera and motion sensors

The iDoorCam smartphone app works with a camera mounted to a doorbell
When a visitor presses the bell, the camera begins filming their face
Images are sent wirelessly to the mobile phone so users can see who it is
The user can then see and hear the guest through the Android and iOS app

You can build one of these with the raspberry Pi, a cheap webcam and a few bits taken from an old computer keyboard. For about £35, everything is on the internet so you just need to follow instructions.
The bell’s mechanics should be recessed behind the door and just the button press showing.