Ventilation for bathrooms

Building regulations in Britain require you to make sure that new bathrooms have proper ventilation,that is, having enough changes of air per hour. You can not do this simply by opening windows regularly or by mechanical means such as a small extractor fan. You should incorporate an electric relay switch, linking it to the light switch which will start the fan when the light is switched on and continue to run for about fifteen minutes after it is switched off. (This sort of device makes internal bathrooms, which would normally be cut off from adequate light and ventilation, a practical project.)

Electrician installing extractor fan in bathroom

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Replacing and Repositioning Light Switches

A light switch is always fixed in a flush or surface mounting box. The box is usually made of metal or plastic when embedded in the wall or ceiling, and has lugs which take the screws used to fix on the switchplate , and knockout holes – removable discs – in the back and side for cables.
light switch

The red conductor/wire carries current from the mains via a ceiling rose or joint/junction box to the switch, and the black/brown takes the current on to the light bulb when the switch is in the ON position.The multicoloured (yellow & green) wire is the earth wire, for safety.The wiring connections are made on the back of the switchplate, and thus completely contained within the box.

switches and digital control panel

The basic arrangement holds any type of switch. Rocker switches with a seesaw movement are the commonest, having mostly replaced the old tumbler switches. Most modern switches are digital or sensor based. Switch plates with up to 12 rocker switches are available. Ceiling switches used for safety in bathrooms, have a cord for control.
bathroom with cord switch

A refinement of the ON/OFF switch is the dimmer, with a rotating disc for adjusting the lighting level.
dimmer switch chrome

All these designs are reliable, and unlikely to develop electrical faults. But sometimes a switchplate needs to be replaced. You may also wish to substitute one sort of switch, such as a dimmer, for another. If you are installing a dimmer, the maximum wattage must not be lower than the wattage of the light bulbs it controls.

Switch boxes can be mounted on the wall or sunk into the plaster or plasterboard.Flush switches are neater than surface ones, and safer because they are less likely to be knocked and damaged.

Be safe – always use Professional & Qualified Electricians for rewiring.

Plastic electric light bulbs

Effect of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on electron injection and charge generation in AC field-induced polymer electroluminescence

We are lucky that Science is still doing OK. Researchers from United States are claiming that they managed to develop what is in essence – plastic light bulbs. The new light bulbs could replace the fluorescent bulbs because they provide light not heat.

The new source is made from layers of plastic and is said to be more efficient while producing a better quality of flicker-free light.

The scientists behind it say they believe the first units will be produced in 2013.

The new light source is said to be twice as efficient as fluorescent bulbs

Lighting accounts for around 19% of global electricity use
A worldwide switch to low-energy bulbs could save the output of around 600 power plants

Replacing Halogen Downlights

Switch off the lights, remove the spring and the old light bulb. Check the voltage, wattage and the type of pins connection. In the picture below you can see the two main types of pins connection for downlighters.

halogen light bulbs downlighters pins

Check that your new light bulb is of the correct cap type. If the lamp holder is damaged, seek the advice of a qualified electrician.


Push the light bulb inside the light socket and refit the metal spring back into the light socket. The role of the metal spring is to hold the light bulb in place.

downlights light bulb halogen

Electricity and Gas price rises

Energy companies providers are increasing their prices again.

British Gas, the biggest energy supplier in London and UK, are putting the prices up by 6% and Npower by 8.8% for gas and 9.1 for electricity.

gas cooker kitchen

Consumers could save up to £200.00 a year if the change their gas and electricity suppliers.The rise in prices is blamed on the inflation by energy suppliers.

Chancellor George Osborne said about the price increases : I’m concerned when I see electricity bills going up. We’ve got to do everything we can in Britain to try and keep those bills down.
I would urge those energy companies to look again at any increases to see if they are absolutely necessary at a time like this.

How to secure your home

Defending your house, flat or any property from burglars can be done in few effective steps. With a small budget, you can deter would be burglars, but if you want to take security to the next level, a well planned security system is required.

To avoid Security alarms to be disabled, all wiring must be concealed. Wireless alarms are not reliable as they can be easily disabled by blocking its frequency.