Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Building Notice fee cost ?

Depends on the size of your job. Generally, it will cost between £400.00 and up to £2000.00.

How do I pay ?

For small jobs, we ask for 30% payment in advance, 40% during the job and 30% after the job has been completed.

Why do I need to submit a Building Notice ?

We have to comply with Local Building Control and Building Regulations.

Do you offer free Estimates /Quotes?

Yes, our Estimates and Quotes are free of charge, unless stated otherwise.

Do you have Insurance ?

Yes, we do . We provide you with a copy when we send you the Quote/Estimate.

Do you cover my area ?

We cover Greater London. If the Project is big enough, we cover all of UK. (EU)

Do you have references ?

Yes, we do. We are more than happy to arrange site visits to previous jobs or to put you in touch with our clients.

How soon can you start ?

We normally require two weeks notice before we can start a job. For smaller jobs, it can be 2 or 3 days, dependes on how busy we are.

Are you Qualified ?

Yes, we are. We offer Certificates checked / backed, by Gas Safety, NIECIC, FENSA and Building Control Department.

Do you offer Warranties & Guarantees ?

Yes. Painting and Decorating works have a 6 month warranty, Plumbing and Electrical Works - 1 year Warranty , Roofing Works up to 7 years. Check your Estimate/Contract for further details.

Do you do TV shows ?

We are getting many emails and phone calls from TVs companies, asking for us to take part in their new program. The answer is : Yes, but we expect to be paid for our works.