Condensation and Double glazing

Condensation in sealed units
double_glazingAfter about ten years, condensation can form between the glass panels of sealed double glazing units. This is because the dry gas between the panes becomes contaminated with moist outside air and replacement is the only remedy.

Condesation in secondary units

If secondary double glazing units develop condensation, open them and wipe them with a chamois leather. Don’t insert silica gel crystals to absorb moisture, because they release the moisture again when the sun warms them.

Persistent condesation can often be reduced by drilling three or four holes from the outside into the space between the panes. This admits cold air , which holds very little moisture.


Refurbishing old bathrooms

Building a new bathroom gives you more freedom to express your designing style than refurbishing an old one, and it is  a great way to add value to your home  and also comfort for your family.

Double shower
1) Installation of electric shower
2) Installation of a free standing electric cooker in kitchenette
1.  The best location for the shower is over the bath in the bathroom at the top of the stairs.
2.  The electric shower, Triton or Mira type 7.5kW output, would require the input of both a plumber and electrician;
3.  The shower will require mains pressured water – already in the bathroom – and a dedicated electric supply.  This latter will need to come from the fuse board adjacent to the back door with its own direct fused supply from the board;
4. Bathroom is not tiled so we would need to fit some waterproof covering to the walls adjacent to the shower – the contractor suggest we use perspex sheets jointed in the corner with mastic

5.  The best cooker location would be the room at the eastern end of the Mews which already has a kitchenette.  The electrician will check the supply but would hope this would be easily rectified if problematic….We are not sure about the water supply to the sink here but again would hope this might be easily rectified;

Robuild has NICEIC certified people to do the electrics and a certified plumber as well!

Central Heating

There is something contradictory about having plumbers in your house. Firstly, since I’m home schooled they are there all day and although they are upstairs, manage to get in our way, play music I don’t like, and just invade personal privacy (I mean, come on, I didn’t want my bedroom floorboards pulled up)

But, in a way, far outweighing the bad points, there is this wonderful promise of CENTRAL HEATING. I haven’t had central heating in my bedroom for, well, er, maybe 7 or 8 years.

I know, I know, you all had that when you were my age too, but this is different – we’re in the 21st Century, right?

It reminds of the engineer who came to fix my laptop a year ago, and I took him into a room, where the laptop was, and he started working.

After a while, I asked him if he wanted a cup of tea.
“Is it paussible I coold have a leetle heeting?” He wanted to know.

It was then I realised that he’d put his coat back on and his hat, scarf and gloves.
It was a funny moment.
“I’ll get someone to bring the fridge in” I informed him.

Maybe I should have said it with a smile on my face? He might have got the joke then?

But then, it was much more delightful for me to watch the look of incredulous horror on his face….