Building a house extension in London

In London, most home owners decide to extend the property to get extra space. The design and layout of the new house extension is quite limited, due to practical and planning permission rules.

A kitchen extension can also give you the opportunity to remodel the ground floor, for example if you want an open space ground floor and kitchen extension. Of course, removing solid external walls, made of bricks and supporting the whole house structure and the roof, is not a DIY job.   To start with, a Structural Engineer is needed to check the wall loads and the type of metal beams needed, then everything will be written down and the Structural Calculation submitted to the Building Control for inspection and approval. For simple opening into the wall, or to enlarge lets say, the kitchen door, RSJ beams will have to be laid on padstones.
Metal Beams Structure Support
The dinning room can be separated by using partition walls.

A house extension can be built in different shapes and sizes. A popular choice is the so called L – shaped house extension, which can be a 2 storey side extension and 1 storey kitchen or rear extension. The picture below shows the front of the house, the extension was built in such way that looks as part of the house and is not obvious that the original property has been extended.

L shaped house extension
As you can see in the picture below, the rear extension is a single house extension and with a flat roof.

rear house extension

In order to have an open space ground floor, extensive metal works – RSJ beams, was used by the builders.
RSJ beams

House Extension Builders

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