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There is an interesting article in The Telegraph about Home improvements and some celebrities are offering some advice. Good tips even if everything looks more like an advert.


Presenter and property developer

People are still prepared to spend money on home improvements, but what has really changed, I think, is our attitude to debt. Our home in London has been a slow, evolving process. It really isn’t just about where you’re going, it’s the journey.


Presenter of Grand Designs

Don’t be afraid to make your house personal; we make sense of the world by the narratives we create. Never throw out your dad’s chair, your grandad’s clock.

It’s lovely to commission things to be made bespoke by local craftsmen.


Author of “Home Design & Decorating”

It’s not so much that cheaper renovations have fallen out of fashion, more that people are better informed about how to improve their homes. Access to a wider range of products, plus a greater variety of inspirational sources, from magazines to websites, means that the quality of finishes is improving. Of course, it’s all down to your budget – cheap renovations, from simply repainting one wall of your living room to covering an old sofa with a throw, can still make a big – and instant – impact on a room. However, the better the materials and workmanship, the better and more long-lasting the finish.

If you’re looking at improving the kitchen and bathroom, you needn’t spend lots of money – DIY stores

My advice is to research everything, using specialist websites, DIY forums and use professionals when needed.

LAUREL & HARDY – Doing a house Up


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