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Building a house extension in Acton, West London

This two story side extension and return one story kitchen extension was build in East Acton, West London.

house extension in Acton, west London

Because the property already had an old kitchen extension, we had to obtain Planning Permission from Ealing Council before we started the works.

The Architect did an outline Plan/Drawing to submit to the Planning Department before working on the Full Plans. The Planning Permission department can advice sometimes what type of house extensions are most probable to approve. When they said that the extension needs to be pushed back with one meter from the main street, the architect submitted a new drawing and got the green light for the building works to start.

We were recommended to the customer by the Architect as London Builders have been working in the past with him on previous jobs and our Quote was accepted by the client.

Because the owner has a family and moving out of the property while the builders are carrying out the building works, we decided to build the house extension without breaking up the walls to make the new openings or disrupt they daily life too much unless necessary.

Right in front of the Proposed House Extension, an exotic tree was planted years ago and the owner insisted to keep the tree the way it is.
tree close to house extension
Having trees close to a new building, affects the foundation, so we had to find out how deep the roots for this type of tree can go. Together with the Building Inspector, we decided that a foundation of 2.5 meters deep is what is needed, compared to a standard 1.2 meters depth.
After demolishing the existing brick wall fence, the ground workers started to mark the foundation and measurements.
setting out foundations
The gas meter was eventually moved to the front of the building.
gas meter moved
Easy access to the building site, allowed for a small mechanical digger to be used, making the job easier, faster and cheaper.
small digger foundation
The builders digging the trench for the foundations were making good progress, the ground workers decided the use plywood to cover the drive way to protect the surface and used to deposit the soil from the foundation onto the driveway. Grab lorries were used instead of skips, cheaper and faster labour time frame.
driveway soil foundation

After a small delay due to an old Victorian sewer clay pipe, the ground workers finished the foundation, and with the approval of the Building Inspector, the footings for the new extension was completed.

foundation side extension
Clearing out the soil from the foundation
muck from foundation
The bricklayers could now start building the side extension walls. They started by building the under DPC walls, the blockwork is considered to be part of the foundation if it is under the DPC level. ( damp-proof course )
blockwork under DPC level
Parking in Acton is not easy, but a nearby pub parking were kind enough to let the bricklayers park their van from 8 in the morning till 5, so we would like to Thank them.
DPC walls
building walls house extension

Trying to match the bricks to the old building was done as close as possible.
brickwall building
The brickies used the same type of bricks, but because new bricks look different to the weather down original bricks, making the new brick wall looking brighter. There was the option to use reclaimed second hand bricks but customer decided to have new ones, hoping that in time they will look the same.
matching brickwork

The size of the extension was quite narrow and long. In West London, space to build a house extension is at a premium.
side extension size

Two types of bricks were used, the side walls were built using plain London Bricks.
London Bricks

The walls are cavity walls, bricks on the outside and block/breeze thermal thermalite blocks on the inside.
cavity brickwall

The joiners started the joist work for the first floor, so that the floor space can be used by the bricklayers to deposit bricks, cement mix mortar , blocks and other materials.
joist floor

The extensions walls 90% completed
house extension walls

When most of the house extension wall were completed, the RSJ metal beam for structural openings could be installed.
RSJ metal beams

The metal beam allowed for the external corner walls of the original house to be removed and in this way, an open plan kitchen and dining room to be created.

open plan kitchen extension metal works RSJ

The RSJ beams are sitting on concrete pad-stones, painted in intumescent paint and encased in fire proof casing.

intumescent paint RSJ beams

When this was done, the plumbers, electricians, plasterers and carpenters could start working on the plumbing, roofing, electrics and plastering.
finished house extension roofing
For the plumbing, the owner asked the plumbers to install a megaflo/megaflow plumbing system.
megaflo megaflow plumbing central heating system boiler
In the kitchen, a Velux windows was installed on the roof, for extra natural light.
velux roof window

The roof window from the outside view

lead flashing roof window

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