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Autonet Van insurance scam

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I always assumed that insuring a van should be a straight forward affair. One of our vans used to be insured with Gladiator insurance and when the insurance expired, the new Quote for the van was higher than the previous year. So we decided to shop online for a cheaper van insurance company.

Autonet Insurance – provided the insurance quote for the van and we went along with it. Few weeks later, we get a call and an email from the rip off insurance company to tell us that our annual premium will go up by more £400.00.

We told them that we don’t agree with it and we want the insurance closed down. Basically we told them that by email and phone. Now they want all the monies because we cancelled the insurance, including the increased premium. So, we are going the complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service and we are ready to get a solicitor to take them to court.

I advise everyone to read the reviews for the Autonet Insurance online before dealing with them.