Blocked drains and Manhole

Having a blocked manhole, sewers or drains – stinks. We are often called when there is a lot of damage, when the smell is becoming insupportable or the raw sewage overflowing.

Blocked sewage manhole

If you have an internal manhole and wooden or timber floor, all the sewage will collect under the floor. This is a health risk, having human excrement and waste floating under the flooring is not healthy or pleasant. Airborne germs, especially in the kitchens or kitchen extensions, where the food is prepared, puts you and your family at risk.

Blocked manholes, drains, sewers pipes happens when there is a something blocking the pipes or because of a collapsed clay pipe. In London, most sewage is very old , made of clay pipes and prone to collapsing pipes.

If you had to unblock the drains for the same property twice, this means that the drainage and pipes are not laid correctly, the pipes are not getting blocked by accident. Having a Double Seal Manhole Cover is a popular choice when having an house extension done,but you should get the drains checked first.

There are few options available :

If the manhole is inside your property, it can be moved in the garden.
Replace the drains.
Remove the timber floor and have a concrete floor put in.