Rats in the toilet

From time to time , we get jobs like these. We are the last on the plumbing and pest control list and the most effective solution. Most people will try the cheapest solutions before they actually deal with real problem. You have rats in your home. In London , most plumbers can run a pipe for you, unblock a drain, etc – but not many actually understand how the drains work.
There is no easy way to say it, a rat and a mouse is attracted by human feces. If the soil under the building or around the building has been contaminated, the pests will consider your toilet, WC and building itself – an attractive place.

Human feces also known as stool, is the waste product of the human digestive system including bacteria.A very unpleasant job and also dangerous from a health point of view. Most people go for the cheapest option, installing rat traps, poison, etc. The cost of getting rid of bad smell and rats, can be reduced if we are the first on the job. Customers are spending thousands of pounds sometimes, before they call us.
Our plumbers and builders are not delicate people, we keep it simple. We make sure that we get rid of the smell and not even an insect can crawl up from the ground up.

unblocking drains feces removal
Removing feces contaminated soil

Using CCTV camera , rat traps,etc- the drain is still there, the problem will not go away, sealing the smell will be just a temporary solution.

When you have a drain problem, don’t just cover it up and look for easy solutions, it won’t go away.