Boilers for houses and flats

Boilers for Flats, Boilers for Bungalow, Boilers for Terraced House, Boilers for Semi-detached House, Boilers for Detached House, Boilers for Large House

boiler installerRobuild can offer you a guide on getting a new boiler installed or boiler replacement. To be on the safe side, always consult a qualified plumber, Gas Safe Registered plumber or Contact Us, before buying a boiler. It happens very often that our plumbers have to deal with boilers that are too big or too small for the property. Size and power of the boiler does matter, its always better to have a more powerful boiler for a smaller property if you don’t mind spending extra on energy and gas bills. ( Or if you don’t believe in Climate Change ). Robuild Plumbers will always try to recommend the right boiler for you, rather than the most powerful boiler.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE GOOD WATER PRESSURE to your Flat,Bungalow,Terraced House,Semidetached House,Detached House or Large House. If you have poor water pressure – low water pressure, your options for a Central Heating System Boiler are reduced to a System Boiler, Regular Boilers or Traditional Boilers. OR YOU YOU HAVE TO UPGRADE THE MAINS WATER SUPPLY.

For upgrading the mains water supply or pipe, you need to contact your Water Supplier. From the water meter in the street, a new and bigger pipe will be laid by the plumbers, back into your property. Old pipes are made of lead, unhealthy and should be avoided, upgrading the mains water pipe, means changing to plastic pipes PVC (poly pipes,polybutylene piping). Your Water Supplier will book a date , usually it takes few weeks,and will charge for the service. The processes of changing or upgrading the water supply pipe, looks more or less, like in the picture below.

upgrading mains water supply water pipe

All new boiler installation or boiler replacements requires the boiler to be in the vicinity of an external wall for the gas flue and a 22 millimetre diameter copper pipe for the gas supply pipe. Sometimes the boiler flue can be installed through the roof.
flat roof boiler flue

If the boiler location is relatively far from an external wall or roof, inspection chambers needs to be built if the boiler flue pipe is boxed in. However, there is limit for the length of the Boiler Flue Pipe.

Boiler Flue
boiler flue

Boilers for Flats

Flats are in general made of one bedroom, two bedrooms , three bedrooms – one kitchen and one bathroom. Some might have one family bathroom fitted with a bathtub and a second bathroom fitted with a toilet WC, basin and sometimes a shower (an electric shower)
combi boiler

The Hot Water and Heat Energy (Calorie) needs for a flat is considered to be of a low requirement. This means a COMBI BOILER ,or COMBINATION BOILER should be the right boiler for a small flat. It is energy efficient and takes a lot less space than a conventional boiler system with hot water tanks, cylinders and cold water reservoirs.

Hot water tank
hot water tank

Boilers for Bungalows

The same rules applies as for Flats.

Cold water tank reservoir in the loft
cold water tank

Boilers for Houses

If you have two or more bathrooms, then a Megaflo (megaflow) plumbing system should be right for your property. A MEGAFLO plumbing system is not the boiler itself, it is the unvented hot water tanks that makes the central heating into a megaflo central heating system. The more hot water tanks or bigger hot water tanks you have, it means more hot water available to your bathrooms. If you have to fill two or more bathtubs at the same time, someone taking a shower and the kitchen tap running, you will need a powerful boiler and a megaflo plumbing system to cope with the hot water demands for the property. Just keep in mind that megaflo hot water tanks can take lots of space.

What you see in the picture below is : The boiler, The Megaflo (wrongly written sometimes Megaflow) hot water tanks and a Water Filter.
megaflow boiler water filter

In the picture below, just a small Megaflo hot water tank unvented central heating system
megaflo hot water tank

If you want to save space, you can install a High Flow boiler. For this you need a decent Mains Water Pressure to work, but its the size of a washing machine and there is not need for water tanks. Because of the weight, the boilers are floor standing, but a good builder can install some solid brackets if necessary to support the weight of the boiler.

Highflow boiler
highflow boiler

Always ask a Professional Plumber or Contact Us before purchasing a boiler from a plumbing shop in order to make sure your Boiler provides the right amount of hot water output.