How much does it cost to build a house extension or loft conversion in London?

How much does it cost to build a house extension or loft conversion in London?

There is no fixed price, you just can’t nail it. Robuild builders take many factors into consideration and hopefully we can show some transparency about how the estimates/quotes work, when asking Robuild to give you a price.

It is very important that you as a customer understand fully how the process works. Most good builders are not educated,have the social skills or marketing skills for that matter. The best builders can’t even have a decent conversation, they are not paid for this , nor are they interested in small talk about weather unless there is a roofing job going on.

Let’s start with the beginning.

Mr and Mrs Family live in a 2 bedroom house with their two children. They feel that some extra space would improve their social life and buying a new and bigger house is not an option.

Is this a good investment ?

We don’t know. But most house extensions and loft conversions add value to the property.

Let’s build a house extension or convert the loft

At this stage, Mr and Mrs Family are trying to find out how much it would cost .Can they afford the building works ? Mrs Family makes a good point by saying that the garden is not big and a loft conversion makes more sense than a house extension. Mr Family wants to know if a house extension is cheaper than a loft conversion.

Call the builders

No. Don’t call the builders. Call the Architects.
The builders can’t give you a price based on small talk and high hopes. You need drawings/plans. The builders then can give you a professional quote. Based on drawings, printed on paper or PDF format. This way we can all speak one language.

How do you get a good London Architect ?

We don’t know the answer , yet again. However, we can tell you how it works.
Most architects and builders are running some sort of a cartel. When a customer contacts an architect , the architect will ” recommend ” a builder. When a customer contacts a builder – yes, they will ” recommend ” an architect.

Does Robuild use the same practice ?

We have no architects. They have no Robuild. Not good for getting new customers and contracts though. But we do ” recommend ” an architect based on your budget if it’s needed. There is also the Permitted Development law. It means that sometimes you only need an outlined plan and you save monies.

Getting the best builder in London

Make sure you get a good builder instead of a cheap builder.

Is Robuild the best building company in London ?

No, we are not. Nobody knows who is the best building company in London. However, we do have 100% happy customers. This is not a marketing joke.

Is Robuild expensive?

It’s not us expensive, but your job can be. Its all about quality and standards. We are not expensive. For your peace of mind, our quotes are free of charge.

Robuild London pictures gallery

Robuild has a new picture gallery that will replace the old one. We estimate that more than 2000 pictures will be uploaded. The pictures will be tagged for easier browsing and will show building works, plumbing installations, construction stages, materials and will cover all aspects of refurbishments and maintenance.

Here is an example :
robuild builders

The direct link to the picture gallery : Robuild London

London and UK builders not helping the GDP

London’s builders and the British construction sector weakness proved a drag on the UK national GDP since 2009 when it posted the worst results, official figures shows. There is a very mixed picture as most economic sectors have managed a modest growth in the quarter but the building and construction trade had a dramatic decline.

Construction and Building Industry sector is the most popular sector for male immigrants from Romania and Eastern Europe, with over 43% working in the building trades in London alone. The next most popular sector is hospitality, which employs over 18% of male workers.

The estimate from the Office for National Statistics paints a bleak picture for the UK construction trades, as for the first three months of the year, it shows a 4.7% dive for the building industry.

Small businesses based in London indicates that increased competition for building contracts from more established building companies are pushing them out of the market, resulting in many tradesmen being laid off as many can not afford to keep the work force.

The government pledge to help small businesses have failed to materialise as the statistics reveals. The bad weather is also blamed for bad figures.

The main reason the growth figures were not stronger is the contraction in construction, with the overhang into January from the bad weather. February’s construction figures show some recovery.