Home improvements ideas

There are things that a homeowner can do to improve a London property.We present you with few ideas on how to improve your home.

Build or Convert the Loft/ Attic.
Loft Conversion with ensuite bathroom London
The roof space can be transformed into a bedroom with en-suite bathroom.

Build a Kitchen or a House Extension
kitchen extension in London
If you have space that can be used to extend the house, a kitchen extension or a side extension could be the right solution.

Garage Conversion
garage conversion London
In London, not many home owners are using the garage to park their car, most garages were built for much smaller cars and parking a car inside an old garage is not easy.The garage can be transformed into a living room, office, bedroom, etc.

Open space interior
open space ground floor
Removing few walls can create a big open space on the ground floor or top floor.

Build a new Bathroom
cloakroom under the stairs
Building a bathroom or a cloakroom under the stairs,can be great way to improve the value of the property. You can have a fully functional shower, or it could be just a toilet and a small basin. Adding a second bathroom also improves the quality of life if you have a larger family.

garden landscape London
A garden can be transformed into an outdoor living room.If you have children, a tree house will provide them with the perfect playground.

Refurbish the kitchen or bathroom
kitchen London
A new kitchen or bathroom suite will make the property feel and look better.

Painting and Decorating
flat painting decorating
A very obvious option, a property needs to be painted and redecorated every few years.