Rebuck Howland Interiors is a ground-breaking interior design company based in London and Hong Kong, specialising in interior design, art consultancy and landscape design


Ruth Rebuck and Greer Howland, co-founders of Rebuck Howland Interiors, come from London and New York City respectively, offering extraordinary designs with influences from Europe and America. They mix their Western roots with local flavours to create elegant and warm spaces which push the boundaries of contemporary design.

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As specialists in interior design, fine art and landscape design, Rebuck and Howland guide their clients through every imaginable process. They offer a full range of interior design services from single room makeovers to complete new construction projects, catering for both residential and commercial properties. With contacts in London and Hong Kong, they can also ship unique pieces from one to the other, such as Asian antiques to the UK and Western pieces to Hong Kong. Furthermore, they specialise in cost-effective design and refurbishment with a view to maximising both investment income and income from letting.

Rebuck and Howland not only have experience designing interiors but have also worked in art and landscaping, ensuring that every space – indoors and outdoors – meets their impeccable standards. If a client has a clear design vision Rebuck Howland Interiors make sure that they realise it, but if they would like some guidance they help them define their style.

Rebuck and Howland not only deliver a refined end product but a fulfilling and enjoyable design experience. Each renovation is unique and exciting, leaving you with a home or office that you’re proud to of.