Soundproofing London

If you or members of your family like your music loud, then take precautions to stop it reaching your neighbour. Contact us for a professional soundproofing job.

Noise travels in two ways. Impact noise for example, the noise caused by objects being dropped, travels through the actual structure of the building; and airborne noise travels through the air in all directions, finding its outlet through any chinks in the fabric of your house such as cracks round old window frames. Impact noise can be softened through the use of sound deadening ( soundproofing) flooring and wall coverings; rubberised finishes; cork tiles; fitted carpets with thick pile and heavy underlay; expanded polystyrene tiles on the ceiling (and perhaps a false, lowered ceiling).

If you are feeling extravagant, carry a luxury-floor covering such as shaggy-pile carpet up one or more walls as well. Think how harsh and hollow average foot steps sound in an empty house with bare floor boards, and how anything heavy dropped upstairs seems to reverberate down the walls to the rooms below. Noise is more than a nuisance – it can cause headaches and tiredness- If your house is going to be a home then you should admit that noise will be made, and provide for it. Airborne noise can be ‘killed’ by checking up on those window frames, double-glazing your windows, sealing up holes and cracks in the masonry, and providing solid-core, substantial doors. Here again you could coat, the door with some soft material such as carpeting or felt; this would help insulate the room against heat loss, as well as noise.