Ventilation for flat roofs

Not all flat roofs needs ventilation.
flat roof ventilation

The picture above shows a warm deck – warm roof with ventilation, 25mm. Notice the gap between the insulation and woodwork.

flatroof extension plastering
Plastering a flat roof with a Velux window

fibreglass flat roof and velux window over extension
Fibreglass flat roof and Velux window over the extension

cold roof ventilation

If you have a warm roof – to have ventilation is optional.

warm roof ventilation

If you have cold roof, you do need ventilation for the flat roof.

Our roofers always prefer to build the roofs with ventilation even if its a warm deck – roofing.If it is a kitchen extension, there will be a lot of condensation, the plaster will absorb most of it , but sometimes people think there is a leak.