Fake skylight

ach artificial skylight is fitted with a solid layer of nanoparticles that causes light to scatter.

The layer also creates an illusion of depth to make the ‘sun’ appear to be far away.

It can specifically mimic the brightness and quality of light from the Tropics, Mediterranean and northern Europe.

CoeLux 60 produces ‘cooler vertical’ rays with the ‘maximum luminance contrast of light and shadow,’ as seen in tropical regions.

The Mediterranean-based CoeLux 45 skylight features a 45-degree ceiling beam that offers an equal balance of light and shade.

While CoeLux 30 uses a 30-degree angle beam relative to the horizon to reproduce ‘a warm, Nordic grazing light.’

Rayleigh scattering occurs when light is scattered in different directions by small particles, typically smaller than the wavelength of the light being scattered.

The phenomenon is commonly seen in gases, but can also apply to solids and liquids.

Rayleigh scattering is what causes the sky to appear blue. When sunlight travels through the atmosphere it is scattered by other particles.

Blue light is scattered more efficiently than other wavelengths of light which causes the sky to look blue the majority of the time.

During sunrise and sunset, the sky appears red and orange because the sun’s rays are passing directly through the atmosphere and red light isn’t scattered as much, so passes through the atmosphere unaffected.