Planning to build an extension in London

If you want a bigger house, there are few options available to you.
* building a house extension
* convert the garage
* having a loft conversion

House Extension in London

Building a House Extension is a very popular choice, especially if you can’t convert the garage and loft/roof space. Few important aspects when building an extension :

1. The design of the extension.
2. What can be built.
3. Planning Permission
4. Party Wall Agreements
5. Finding a good builder.
6. Never expect everything to go perfectly as you planned.

The design of the extension

Most popular types of extensions in London, are :

* Single storey extension ( one floor extension – ground floor extension )
* Two storey extension ( two floors house extension )
* Rear Kitchen extension
* Side house extension
* Rear and side house extension
* Side return extension

The shapes of a house extension can be very basic most of the time.
L-shaped extensions
I-shaped extensions

Planning Permission for extensions and conversions

You can have a loft conversion without planning permission, the maximum size allowed is 50 cubic metres. For house extensions, you can build a build a two-storey extension without planning permission, the maximum size is extending to maximum of 3 meters from the original house.

Any extensions or loft conversion over the Permitted Development will require Planning Permission.
Houses in Conservation areas, or Listed Buildings, will require Planning Permission.
All Building Works must comply with the Building Regulations.

World’s premier architects

How Much Does Your Building Weigh Mr Foster: The film traces the rise of one of the world’s premier architects, Norman Foster, and his unending quest to improve the quality of life through design.

An interesting documentary about a man born from humble beginnings who (together with his associates) makes the urban world we live in more beautiful. Amazing shots showing building structures from great angles. I hadn’t realised his practice was responsible for the Millau Viaduct, a truly awesome structure. (I saw a programme about the building of it on Channel5 which was ace.) Norman Foster for those that aren’t familiar, is responsible for The Gherkin, in London. The documentary is a little long however, worth a watch. There is a fascinating segment at the end about the design and build of a sustainable city.

Brick walls or breeze blocks ?

When building a house extension, kitchen extension, sometimes using breeze blocks instead of bricks, is a cheaper and faster option.

brick wall bricks

In London, bricks are always the best choice of material, but if the original property is rendered, it might make more sense using breeze blocks and rendered the new walls to match existing property.

rendering house extension loft conversion