Kitchen Extensions

In London most kitchen extensions have a flat roof or a pitched roof. Flat roof kitchen extensions are more popular due to its low cost compared to a pitched roof kitchen extension. Skylights and roof lights are very common, providing the kitchen extension with extra natural light. When building a kitchen extension, our Kitchen Extension Builders can advise you what type of kitchen extension is best for you.

Kitchen Extension with pitched roof

The construction of a Kitchen Extension with pitched roof is slightly more expensive in terms of labour and materials cost.It has advantages over the flat roofs by being more aesthetically pleasing and a longer life span.

kitchen extension pitched roof
Kitchen extension with a pitched tiled roof and a roof window

Kitchen extension pitched roof with roof tiles
Pitched roof tiles for a kitchen extension

Kitchen Extension with a flat roof

Most flat roofs for kitchen extension are made of bitumen layers or asphalt and lead.

Kitchen asphalt flat roof and skylights
Kitchen Extension, asphalt flat roof and skylights

Kitchen extension, bitumen flat roof
Kitchen extension, bitumen flat roof

Combination of a flat roof and pitched roof for kitchen extension
Combination of a Kitchen Flat Roof and a Kitchen Pitched Roof

Lead flat roof for a kitchen extension
Lead flat roof for a kitchen extension

Terrace flat roofing
Terrace flat roofing

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Garage Conversion Company

Garage Conversion Company in London

Attached or detached Garage Conversions ?

Detached Garage Conversions
If the garage is not attached to the main building the options for a Garage Conversion are limited.

Attached Garage Conversions
In London, UK, Attached Garage Conversions are the best way to extend the main building, also cheaper than detached Garage Conversions.

Garage Design

A Garage Design & Conversion means one thing : There is not much room for external design. However, it should complement the existing main house or property.

garage conversion

Garage Conversion Builders in London

Garage Conversion, Converting the Garage

Garage Conversion, Converting the Garage

In London, Garage Conversions are very popular. Due to the standard size of most garages built for smaller cars, most garages are used as storage and Converting the Garage into a bedroom , living room , office or a GYM, it’s relatively cheaper than building an extension.

garage conversion into studio flat
Garage Conversion into a studio flat, with ensuite bathroom and kitchenette

Garage Conversion London
Typical Garage Conversion in London

Garage Door, Garage Floor, Heating , water supply ,drains, Wiring, Plumbing,Matching walls