How long it takes to build a kitchen extension?

How long it takes to build a kitchen extension and how much it will cost, are the most common questions that the customers normally ask the builders.
building wall bricklaying

A standard built kitchen extension normally takes between 6 weeks and 12 weeks, depending on circumstances and Technical Specifications.

digging foundations kitchen extension
For example, digging the foundation manually, will add time and cost to the building project.

digger foundations extension
Using a mechanical digger will speed up the job and will cost less, if access to the building site permits.

The cost of building a kitchen extension can vary between 30k and 120k. The builders will consider the type of roof, walls, windows, floor, electrics and plumbing, finishing, etc – you requested, when giving you a price.

concrete pump foundation
Having no access to the building site, means extra cost to the Building Company by using a Concrete Pump to carry the concrete to the foundation.

concrete lory foundation
Pouring the concrete into the foundation

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