Reinforcing slab foundations using steel mesh

Reinforcing concrete

Concrete is a robust material which will support heavy loads and withstand great pressures. Most builders will use it for building projects. Yet if it is subjected to any unnatural loadings, stresses eventually develop which cause the material to split and crack. The tensile strength of concrete, its ability to resist such pressures, is greatly increased by inserting reinforcements in the form of either rolled steel bars or galvanized wall ties. Using reinforcements to strengthen concrete is a technique which can be used in a whole variety of building projects around the home. As well as solid concrete structures, such as slab foundations for buildings,house extensions, lintels and driveways, they are often used in brick and block laying.

concrete foundation
Reinforcing steel comes in a large variety of shapes and sizes. It ranges from steel mesh, used to strengthen slab foundations, to expanded metal and light steel ties or extrusions for brick and blockwork